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Junior match vs Twickenham Brunswick January 2nd 2016

The juniors started the new year with a local match at Twickenham Brunswick.

Eight players from Ashford and seven from Twickenham Brunswick played a round of pool matches (mixed standards) in three groups of five.
The winners of the three groups played each other to determine ranks 1, 2 and 3.
Those finishing in second place played off for 4, 5 and 6.
The remaining 9 players were split into a group of 5 and 4 respectively to complete the final ranking positions.

Twickenham Brunswick & Ashford Juniors

Twickenham Brunswick & Ashford Juniors

Pool A

Alex Gough, who plays in the Junior British League for Ashford Brunswick, came through to win the group.
Giacomo came second, Rahul , Ben and Nathan (Twickenham) completed the pool.

Pool B

George Long, who also plays in the Junior British League for Ashford Brunswick, won the group.
Amol came second, Liam (T), Ellie and Resandu (T) completed the pool.

Pool C

Luke (Twickenham) won the group, Matt Palmer came second, Ismail (T) , Ayush and Joseph came 3rd 4th and 5th.

So to the ranking play offs.

  • Twickenham occupied the top 3 places having won all three Pools.
  • Ashford filled places 4 – 7
  • With the remaining places mixed between the two clubs.

The final rankings:

  1. George (T)
  2. Alex (T)
  3. Luke (T)
  4. Giacomo (A)
  5. Amol (A)
  6. Matt P
  7. Rahul (A)
  8. Ismail (T)
  9. Ellie (A)
  10. Ayush (A)
  11. Liam (T)
  12. Ben (A)
  13. Joseph (A)
  14. Nathan (T)
  15. Resandu (T)

The full results can be viewed here.

Thanks to Dave Paulowski for hosting us and to all the team for some good matches.

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Mark Roper About the Author: Mark Roper is the club’s junior development officer responsible for teams in the girls Junior British League, National Cadet League, National Junior Leagues teams, TTE county and inter league tournaments, friendly matches with other clubs and promotional events with local cubs, brownies and Spelthorne schools.

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