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Floor Replacement Completed

New Floor

You will have seen from the website that the hall re-opened at the beginning of this week following the new floor being installed after the flood damage suffered at the end of May.

We have also replaced the old heaters with new ones that should prove to be far more efficient.

Thank Yous

Thank you to everyone for their patience and understanding whilst part of the hall was out of action following the damage and of course during the 2 weeks of total closure to allow the work to be undertaken.

It was a considerable challenge and required a lot of effort both in the arranging of everything and the practical assistance in helping to remove all the equipment to storage and of course returning it all 2 weeks later.

Helping on one (or both) weekends were (in no particular order):

  • Chris Copps
  • Michael Silver
  • Farhat Rasul
  • Mike Slifkin
  • Diane McLellan
  • Martin Whitehorn
  • Fung Fung
  • Paul Burridge
  • Ramesh Behara
  • Dave Piesley
  • Jian Feng Guo
  • Graham Outrim
  • Mark Roper
  • Martin Webb
  • Greg Kendall
  • Dave Wilson
  • Steve Eames

This was a great team effort on behalf of all the members of the club.

What will not have been recognised by most people was the sheer logistical size of the project, liaising with the insurance company; various contractors (who gave quite a few diverse opinions on the best course of action); electrical contractors for the heaters.

Whilst the floor was up the electrics that run underneath were checked and a couple of minor repairs
undertaken. In addition to this we had to ensure the remedial work was taken to hopefully ensure that this situation does not re-occur.

This has been superbly managed by Mark Roper and our massive gratitude to him must be conveyed. Without his expertise and dedication to the project we undoubtedly would not be in the position we are now with the new floor.

Also a special mention must be made of Dave Piesley for his expertise and guidance for the electrical aspects.


Please see below for pictures taken throughout the process – click to enlarge.

1 – Hall cleared of furniture

2 – View from fire exit end

3 – Wet patches under old floor

4 – More old floor removed

5 – Floor at end of day one

6 – Day 3 new polythene membrane

7 – Day 4 baton system installation

8 – Day 4 baton system installation

9 – Day 6 ready for the floor to be laid

10 – Day 8 new flooring continues

11 – Day 12 hall furniture returns

12 – Play resumes

Time Lapse Video

Time lapse (and of course silent!) video (from our central CCTV ceiling camera) of the entire floor replacement.

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About the Author: Dave is Chairman of Ashford Table Tennis Club. He has been a playing member since the mid '80s and has served on the committee since 2011.

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