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Success for the Brunswick Ashford JBL Team

Sunday February 10th saw both promotion and a little frustration for the Brunswick Ashford JBL team. In their final match, they were beaten for the first time in the competition by Greenhouse Ernst Bevin and thereby just missed out on winning their group.


Brunswick Ashford JBL Team

Going into the final weekend, Brunswick Ashford were just one point ahead of Greenhouse Ernst Bevin (whose team included two top ranked English juniors) but were missing their Number 1 player, David Rahbani. So the weekend was always going to be a long and difficult one, given what was at stake. David’s brother Charlie was the natural choice as his replacement, and he had been working particularly hard over the past month to make sure his already improving game was truly competitive.

Ashford TTC had provided Michael Chan as coach and mentor for the weekend, as well as doing its best to ensure that the team knew they were well supported. They had new kit and tracksuits and plenty of emailed good wishes – some were even being received on the morning of the competition. Nonetheless, Brunswick Ashford were now a known quantity, and teams like Greenhouse Ernst Bevin, who had rested their number one in the first round, and ambitious Ulster, would not be so relaxed second time around.

The weekend began tentatively with a 4:2 win against an even younger Ormsby side, coached by Alan Ransome, that is clearly at a developmental stage, but who were very competitive in all matches. Wins for all Brunswick Ashford players help steady nerves.

Next up was a London Academy side who were keen to reverse a narrow first round defeat. Jack Josephs overcome Sasha Gillen and Charlie, but wins by all three Brunswick Ashford players saw them secure a tense draw – but which loosened their control over the group.

The end of the first day brought Ulster, another team favoured in the seedings but who had lost in the first round. Control of the match was to see-saw over the course of the afternoon session. It began with Anthony Egan closing out a second win of the competition over the Ulster number 1, Johnny Porter, in dominant style. Sasha Gillen followed up with a win, before the match swung back towards Ulster at 3:2. Charlie Rahbani held his nerve and battled to a win in the 5th set to keep Brunswick Ashford still in with an outside chance for the league title. However, in the story of the league, it was another point dropped and left Greenhouse Ernst Bevin one point ahead at the end of the first day’s play.

Sunday began nervously against another team with players for the future – Ellenborough II. On paper a 5:1 victory over a team they had drawn with in the first round looks like a vast improvement. In truth it was a hard fought for and tense victory, with both Sasha Gillen and Charlie Rahbani winning both their matches and Anthony Egan battling all the way.

With just a one point lead going into the final match, Greenhouse Ernst Bevin were the overwhelming favourites and were true to form. In the end, between exhaustion and facing the current English No’s 13 & 37 ranked juniors, Greenhouse Ernst Bevin proved a bridge too far for the younger Brunswick Ashford team. They lost 5:1, adding to the disappointment of being held back in second, but still securing their promotion to the next highest division (providing other ranking points under the aggregation system goes their way, which it should as the entire squad will again be eligible for next year’s competition).

Special thanks are due to Michael Chan and the ATTC committee for their support in getting behind the team and making them feel important to the future and development of Ashford TTC.

For the statistics led, a comprehensive listing of all matches, rankings, results and points are available via:

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About the Author: Brian plays for Ashford in the Staines League and assists with the organisation of this website. Brian also sits on the club’s committee.

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  1. John Rahbani says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! to JBL Team for their hard work and commitment to achieve great results.

    I would like to thank everybody contributing to their success.

    In the meantime we shouldn’t forget the great support from the Ashford committee – providing best coaches & uniform for the team when it’s needed.

    This will show the future of our junior players in good hand and will reflect on the club image and show the commitment and hard work to achieve the highest standard for our junior players.

    Well done – keep it going!

  2. Keith F (ATTC) says:

    Well done ! Congratulations to all involved.

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