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IMPORTANT – Coin Meters & “New” Pound Coin

All players need to be aware that from the 1st October 2017, the coin meters for the table lights will ONLY accept the “new” £1 coins – i.e. they will no longer accept the “old” ones.

One pound coin (2017)

One pound coin (2017)

“New” £1 Coins

A “new” twelve-sided £1 coin was introduced in March 2017.

  • It is thinner and lighter than the round pound coin
  • It is slightly larger than the round pound coin
  • It has 12 sides
  • It is bimetallic and has a gold coloured outer and silver coloured inner ring
  • It has groves on alternate sides
  • The lower inside rim has the words ‘One Pound’ on the “heads” side
  • The lower inside rim has the year produced (e.g. 2017, 2018 etc.) on the “tails” side
  • It has a built-in security feature to protect it from counterfeiting
One pound coin (1983)

One pound coin (1983)

“Old” £1 Coins

The “old” £1 coin will cease to be legal tender at midnight on October 15th 2017.

  • The round pound coin had to be replaced due to its vulnerability to counterfeiting
  • Approximately one in thirty round pounds in circulation are conterfeit
  • It was introduced in April 1983
  • It replaced the £1 note
  • Old round pounds will be re-cycled by the Royal Mint
  • Some of the re-cycled metal from old round pounds will be used to manufacture the new £1 coin
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About the Author: Dave is the ATTC Facilities Officer responsible for all aspects of building management. Dave plays in the Staines & District TTL.

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