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Flood Damage to Floor

Updated July 19th

Discussions with the insurance company have now concluded and we are pleased to report that they have accepted liability for the damage.

We are now obtaining quotes from a number of contractors to undertake the work.

Unfortunately it is currently the peak time of year for floor companies, many of them are booked up for some time. We are pushing as hard as we can for a conclusion before the start of the new season if at all possible.

Thanks to our CCTV system we now know when and how the floor was flooded.

At 23:52 on Saturday 26th May, water started to enter the playing surface from under the far end fire exit doors.

It continued to extend into the hall for several hours and was not discovered until 12 hours later when the first players arrived to practice on Sunday morning.

The clearing up exercise lasted 3 hours and was made harder due to the dirt and sludge that came in with the rain water.

The committee would like to thank Martin Webb, Norman Slifkin and Martin’s wife and daughter for all their efforts in taking on this task.

The damage is considerable with the beech floor lifting in many places. There remains a lot of damp in the wood – recent readings show 2.5 times the normal level in the worst affected sections.

As the surface is very uneven it is not safe to play on, please respect the signs and barriers and keep to within the undamaged section of the hall.
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Mark Roper About the Author: Mark Roper is the club’s junior development officer responsible for teams in the girls Junior British League, National Cadet League, National Junior Leagues teams, TTE county and inter league tournaments, friendly matches with other clubs and promotional events with local cubs, brownies and Spelthorne schools.

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