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2018 Junior Ladder League

2018 Junior Ladder League

Over the summer term/holidays we will be running a Ladder League open to all levels of juniors (beginners to JBL).

The competition runs from Friday 6th July through to Friday 7th September, 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

It is designed around the holiday season and recognises that players will be away at various times.

To take part you can come to as many or as few of the sessions as you are able.

The idea is to work your way up the ladder by challenging players above you in the list – if you beat them you swap places, if not both players stay where they are.

The results from each week will be recorded and your final place will be calculated as your average place in the table over the 10 weeks.

Managing the Ladder

  • Week 1
    • All names will be drawn out of a hat to decide the starting order
  • Week 2 onwards
    • All players present will play each other and move up and down the ladder (see below) then at the end of the evening those not present will be moved down 3 places to complete that week’s table
  • New Players
    • All players joining the ladder after week 1 join at the bottom

On the Night Playing Order

When you arrive, write your name on the whiteboard with earliest arrival at the top of the wait list.

The person at the top of the list challenges another player who can be +5 or -5 places above/below them in the ladder.

These two players, play a match (best of 3 or 5 games to 11 – depending on number of players/tables each evening).

After the match the players swap their ladder order if the lower ranked player wins and put their names at the bottom of the waiting list, winner first, loser second.

When your name reaches the top of the waiting list and a table becomes available you can challenge anyone who isn’t playing at the time – provided they are +5 or -5 places from you in the ladder.

Each opponent can only be played once within the same evening.


Play will start from 7:30pm, all players must arrive by 8pm and play until 9:30pm.

If you are waiting you must be ready to play when chosen.

If we can’t find you the match will be defaulted to the challenging player.


£2 per player per night


We will have 4 or 5 tables for the ladder league, with a couple of tables available for the usual Friday practice.

Sign Up Now!

All welcome – please contact Mark Roper ASAP to take part.

For full details and an explanation of the rules please click on the link below:

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Mark Roper About the Author: Mark Roper is the club’s junior development officer responsible for teams in the girls Junior British League, National Cadet League, National Junior Leagues teams, TTE county and inter league tournaments, friendly matches with other clubs and promotional events with local cubs, brownies and Spelthorne schools.

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